Packaging in Logistics


Packaging is one of the main factors of logistics which […]

Packaging is one of the main factors of logistics which relates to logistics activities; it propels and moves the system forward smoothly and lead to a great success where all high quality goods and products are made. Packaging is indeed a very important process in advertising and distribution. How? Well, these two processes related greatly to packaging. Suppose a customer orders two tons of PP plastic bottles, if the bottles are not arranged in any type of transportation properly, then the bottles will be easily damaged which then results in an increase in customer turnovers. When making products, packaging also determines the appearance and the looks of the product which of course affects people and how they will view the products; if they like the packaging then it is most likely that they will buy the products. With packaging, products will be greatly in shape and that they can be arranged structurally as well as combine and make things a lot easier when it comes to delivery. These effects of packaging will bring along profits, higher capability of productivity, competition, and the enhance of logistical activities.

The Importance of Packaging in Logistics

Packaging is considered a very important and a very considerate process that mainly affects almost all activities of a business. Since packaging deals mainly with designs and the convenience of delivery, it also affects logistics in a way that boosts the flow of transportation of goods and enhance smooth delivery of products out from the productivity line to outdoors. The process of packaging will lead to the distribution of products because it is convenient and effective both for the customers and the manufacturers themselves. Also, packaging is one of the most important factors that build up competition between businesses and it enhances market promotion and advertisement efficiency as well. With this reason, most products pay for packaging businesses and agencies to design catchy packages and even slogans that will fit the concepts of their products and will be appropriate for their specific business. Image of the product is very important for almost all businesses because it mainly affects the customers, profits, popularity, and other factors; image of a specific business can bring them up or down depending on many factors where packaging is one of them. Packaging affects shipping rates when products are shipped because they look at weight, material, and amount which affects money in your pockets. The higher the amount and the heavier the weight of materials, more and more money is needed to pay in order to deliver objects or items out to other regions or nations. With packaging, these fees than be minimized; containers and show products are arranged and will help reduce space and mostly weight of the products in total. With this ability to go out internationally, packaging enhances more improvements in logistics which then brought up new studies and new systems like international logistics that we all know today.

3 Major Roles of Packaging in Logistics

Like said above, logistics is getting wider and wider as competition between businesses come in. Packaging has become a main factor that affects the customer's decision in our everyday lives, our modern lives today. Packaging has three main roles and functions that enhances a great flow of the productivity and distribution line as well.

1. Storage Support- Packaging as well as how things are packed affects distribution of the products and their safety.

2. Transport Support- With packages of products arranged in order, it helps a lot in transportation which then makes a positive effect in both distribution and finance.

3. Cost Reduction- Rearranging products in packages will help to reduce costs because it occupies lesser space.

Anyhow, we all know that logistics and the packaging process are greatly related in real situations for all businesses. Within the Just-in-Time concept, time is money; we can all observe and see that there are several relationships that both packaging and logistics have with each other. Today, more businesses operate globally and causes competition to rise; this mainly affects logistics and packaging which enhanced a closer relationship between them, making them a dual pack when it comes to managing.

The following includes the types of packaging:

1. Packaging for retails- For retailers, where they sell products directly to the customers, design and appearance should be orderly structured, well-planned, and appropriate for specific products. The designs should be eye-catching, appropriate, and related to a specific theme. If possible, packaging should imclude information about the products that can symbolize positive means of marketing and is ethical for the social.

2. Packaging for wholesalers- For wholesalers, numbers and quantity of products are the main points for businesses. When delivering products, the quantity will determine what type of packaging will be used so that distribution and transportation of products would be easy and convenient for everyone. Multiples of 6, 12, and 24 can help make things a lot easier where these numbers serve as standard values of wholesales quantity. In this case, packaging affects DC or the distribution of products.China Paper Tube Boxes company

3. Packaging, like repeated many times, affects time, money, space, business activities, and feed backs. Of course, different types of packaging result in different effects; some packages for instance, enhance space for more products to be placed. Packages of products will make delivery easier and convenient. Now, most products are delivered and transported via airplanes, ships, and other methods.


As days gone by, our world evolves and moves on and on without stopping for rest. Businesses in our world never stop growing as well. As time passes by, money, currencies, and other mediums of exchange will change along with the era we are in. Packaging nowadays, has now become more and more effective; its effects on logistics including transportation, distribution, and productivity drives business activities forward and increase competition. In the future, it is possible that technology will take part in packaging since it is already a main factor in logistics, finance, advertising, management, and other business areas. E-packaging might be present in the future where product information, quantity, space occupied, and the amount of money needed to spend can be calculated electronically. It is sure that once technology comes in, quality and expectations will rise.

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