Why choose composite paper cans for dried fruit sealed cans?


As a casual snack for all ages, dried fruits are favore […]

As a casual snack for all ages, dried fruits are favored by the market because of their rich nutrition and crisp taste. Nowadays, more and more dried fruit foods are packaged in cylindrical paper cans on the market. So, is this cylindrical paper can packaging sealed? Can you avoid moisture during the preservation of dried fruitsComposite Dried Fruit Empty Packing can?
As we all know, dried fruits are relatively afraid of moisture during storage, and the taste of dried fruits after being damp will be greatly reduced. Therefore, dried fruit foods on the market will choose sealed packaging. At present, there are more and more dried fruits packaged in paper cans on the market, and most of these paper cans have better sealing properties, so as to better store dried fruits.
In the cylindrical paper can packaging, the composite paper can is the one with better sealing performance. The composite paper can is made of paper and aluminum foil, and the barrel has high barrier properties. The upper cover is designed with an easy-to-open lid or an easy-to-tear lid, so that the package has a good airtightness as a whole, thereby playing a waterproof and moisture-proof effect. At present, most dried fruit paper cans on the market are composite paper cans.
Nowadays, composite paper cans are widely used in the field of food packaging, meeting the sealing requirements of most foods, especially in the fields of powder, dried fruits, and leisure snacks. Of course, composite paper cans are not limited to the field of food packaging, and have applications in fields such as daily chemical products, pet food, and agricultural products.
With the continuous development of cylindrical paper can packaging, paper can packaging has been involved in food, daily chemical products, electronic products, cosmetics, gifts and other related fields, and has received market attention and recognition. Cylinder paper cans, as a kind of paper packaging, have a good development prospect under the influence of replacing plastic with paper in the world.

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