Why do some people buy tea packaging boxes more expensive than tea?


I came across an incident two days ago, and I told ever […]

I came across an incident two days ago, and I told everyone about it.

A relative works in a public institution, and now it is the spring tea season that he has received a lot of tea gifts. He said that he could not finish drinking, and he could not give it away. Knowing that I was selling tea, he hoped to give him the tea that others gave him and ask me to sell it to him. Of course, when the tea leaves are brought, the gift packaging is very high-end. According to our industry point of view, a set of packaging should be at least 200 yuan.Recyclable Tea Caddy Tea Packaging

He asked me how much this box of tea is worth?

I said that just looking at the box is probably worth a lot of money, but if you don’t look at the tea, you’re not sure.

As a tea practitioner, I have encountered too many good-looking packaging, but in fact the tea inside is very bad. Therefore, it is not very useful to just look at the appearance, and there is no way to make a particularly accurate price judgment. Speaking of this, this is actually the cause of the chaos in the tea industry, that is, there is no standardization and unification. In most cases, it is loose tea, which is packaged by itself. Therefore, there have been many cases of shoddy being good and fake, and there have also been phenomena of failure of gold and jade.
When I opened the high-end gift box packaging, I couldn't help but sigh, as expected.

Because the opened tea leaves are not high-end teas at first glance. I dare not say whether other teas, like green tea, especially bar tea, are high-end, because the bar size, uniformity, and color are all placed there. I took a little look at the tea that my relative brought over. According to our own sales, the retail price will not exceed 200 at most. What's more important is that the tea is not new tea, obviously it is fresh-keeping tea. Because when I smell it, I don't have the aroma of the new tea at all.

I poured out the tea and weighed it, and found that there were only 200 grams in total. If calculated at 200 yuan per catty, the retail price of tea is actually only 80 yuan, not even half of the gift box.
Speaking of this, it actually involves a tea that is over-packed and only good-looking, without paying attention to the inner quality of the tea. In the process of selling tea, we will also encounter such customers. They take some cheaper tea, but we have to choose a good-looking package, because if we give it to others, it looks very high-end, and we can’t actually spend it. how much is it.

Is excessive packaging really necessary?

From my personal point of view, it depends on the needs of customers. If it is given to friends, elders, or close people, I think it should be based on the internal substance. The tea must be good, because it is for them to drink. If the packaging is good, the tea will be a mess, and it won’t be any good. The role of. Of course, this is not about not packaging, but as simple as possible, without spending too much thought on packaging. To give to elders or close friends, try to be simple and generous in the choice of packaging. If you have special needs, you can choose to choose the packaging according to the preferences of others.
For example, some elders like red and purple gift boxes, which look more festive, so choose such gift boxes. Some young people who like fashionable or small fresh gift boxes should try their best to choose the packaging they like.

But if it is only to fulfill the needs of giving gifts, but also to consider their own costs, then choose more high-end packaging. This is a realistic choice for people in the process of social communication. After all, sometimes it may be commissioned to do things or as a gift to others, and there is no expectation of too much in return. If you pay too much, it may not be cost-effective for yourself. However, we must also consider the face problem and the grade problem, so this kind of gift box of high-end tea often occurs, but the tea inside is actually very ordinary.
In the process of selling tea myself, I generally recommend that customers use some practical packaging to consume rationally. There is no need to sensationalize on packaging. More energy and effort should be spent on the quality of tea. What do you think about excessive packaging? Have you ever encountered a situation where packaging is more expensive than tea? You are welcome to leave a message below to share your views and thank you for reading.

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