Can food paper packaging jars be used for candy?


The "Food Safety Law" stipulates that food should meet […]

The "Food Safety Law" stipulates that food should meet food safety standards. Regarding the nutrition ingredient list, there is a national food safety standard-"General Principles for Nutrition Labeling of Prepackaged FoodsComposite Canister Sugar Paper Packaging." Therefore, it makes sense to be investigated.
There are only a few ways to see if there is a turnaround.




The first is whether the bagged brown sugar is pre-packaged food. The scope of application of this standard is pre-packaged food. Pre-packaged food refers to "pre-packaged food or made in packaging materials and containers, including pre-quantity packaging and pre-quantity production." Foods that have uniform quality or volume labels in packaging materials and containers and within a certain quantitative limit", and I haven’t seen any fish-flavored shredded pork with nutritional content, right? That is not a prepackaged food.
The second is to see if it is in the exemption clauses of the standard. The standard stipulates that some foods do not use standard nutrients. One of them is "food with a total surface area of ​​≤100cm2 or a maximum surface area of ​​≤20cm2;", so see if the area of ​​the package meets This article does not need to be marked if it matches.
The third is to see if the food is directly supplied. If it is supplied to intermediate processors, it does not need to be marked on the bag, but it is found by industry and commerce that it must be sold to consumers in the circulation field.

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