Can tea cans be recycled and reused?


Information from Pu'er Tea Bar Network: Mr. Chen, who l […]

Information from Pu'er Tea Bar Network: Mr. Chen, who lives in Minhou, Fujian, recently called our newspaper 968111, saying how to deal with the headaches of the tea cans left over from drinking tea over the years, "There are more than 1,000 large and small, accounting for half Many of the storage rooms are exquisite, and it is a pity to throw them away." This problem faced by Mr. Chen is actually encountered by many citizens of Fuzhou. With the increasing popularity of tea, more and more exquisite tea cans and boxes have become tasteless.

Mr. Chen loves to drink tea. Over the years, he has accumulated thousands of tea cans and has no place to buy them back. Mr. Chen sighed, “Inexpensive beer bottles can still be recycled. Isn’t the exquisite tea cans turned into disposable consumer goods?”

According to the reporter's understanding, there are currently no stores that recycle tea boxes or tea cans. Lao Guo, who has been recycling waste products for a long time in Jinan District, Fuzhou, told reporters that the seemingly exquisite gift boxes have complicated material separation processes and the recycling value is not as good as newspapers. For high-end packaging boxes, the recycling price per catty is often no more than 0.5 yuan.

Ke Wenfeng, Fujian Environmental Protection Volunteer Association, said that most of the tea cans are made of tinplate, and a small part is made of aluminum. The domestic demand for various types of tinplate cans is hundreds of billions each year, of which more than half are used for tea packaging. If these tea cans are thrown away, it will not only cause great waste, but also cause pollution to the environment. He suggested that tea cans should be used repeatedly, as ashtrays, storage boxes, or DIY into jewelry boxes, smoking paper boxes, etc. He also said: "If you can, please try to use paper tea cans and boxes. Compared to tinplate and aluminum, they are better to recycle."

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