Can the drier bake egg whites into protein powder?


As an important nutrient to ensure the health of the hu […]

As an important nutrient to ensure the health of the human body, protein is essential for the growth of human cells to maintain and repair the human body. People engaged in mental work need 0.8-1.0g/kg of body weight a day of protein, while bodybuilding enthusiasts need 2-3 times as much protein as the former. But is it really good to eat too much protein powder blindly to supplement proteinprotein powder Container for Dry Nuts?
Side effects of protein powder
Some people eat protein powder for breakfast, and drink a glass of water every morning.
Generally, from our normal diet, we can obtain enough protein that the human body needs, such as eggs, beans, and meat. We can all get rich protein. If we continue to supplement protein for a long time, we should take it. When the amount of protein exceeds the body’s needs, after metabolism, many toxic metabolic residues will remain in the body tissues, which may cause autotoxicity. Excessive acidity will cause the pH to be out of balance, and some nutrients will be forced out, which will lead to nutritional deficiencies. Accumulation of uric acid, and accumulation of purines in the tissues.
Too high protein intake will convert protein into fat and store it in the body, which will increase the burden on the liver step by step, and fatty liver will occur in severe cases. Too much indigestible protein can rot and ferment in the intestines, leading to ammonia poisoning and promoting liver coma. Excessive protein intake can also cause mental abnormalities, osteoporosis, heart disease, etc. in brain damage. For people who supplement protein for a long time, harmful substances will accumulate and be absorbed in the intestines, which may shorten their lives.

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