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Circular paper cans have become the development trend of the packaging industry

With the continuous improvement of people's environmental awareness, people's lifestyles are also undergoing changes. Whether it's life or work, the requirements for product packaging are becoming higher and higher, and consumption concepts have also changed. There is a growing resistance to plastic products, and paper can packaging is increasingly favored by consumers. The market demand for circular paper cans is increasing and has been recognized by many customers. In order to adapt to market changes, many manufacturers have also begun to try paper can packaging.

As a new type of green and environmentally friendly packaging product, paper can packaging is becoming more and more popular. Paper can packaging is based on paper as the main raw material, odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging, and it is relatively easy to recycle. As a new type of packaging, circular paper can packaging has attracted the attention of many industries as soon as it was launched. Paper cans use paper as the main raw material, which is healthy, safe, recyclable, and does not pollute the environment, in line with the concept of sustainable social development. Paper cans are not only safe, but also have advantages in other aspects. For example, it has the characteristics of waterproof and moisture-proof, and has good sealing performance. It relies on its unique advantages to occupy the market.

However, plastic packaging has a short service life, and is not easy to handle or degrade after being discarded, causing serious environmental pollution, which is not conducive to the sustainable development of society. In order to limit the use of plastic products, the state issued a notice on "plastic restriction orders" in 2007, aiming to limit and reduce the use of plastic bags and curb "white pollution.". In the past 10 years, the implementation effect of the plastic restriction order has not been obvious. Due to the aggravation of environmental degradation, recently, the "plastic restriction order" has been pushed to the forefront of the storm and has become a menace. Obviously, the development of the plastic products industry will inevitably be greatly affected, which also indicates that plastic products cannot adapt to the trend of social development.

As an environmentally safe packaging product, paper can packaging is not only green and hygienic, but also has excellent protective performance, can be waterproof, moisture-proof, and has a certain thermal insulation effect. Can be filled with various shapes of goods, and filling noise is low. The paper can packaging has a variety of modeling structures, and the outer layer can be color printed, providing a good display effect. And its weight is light, only 30% of that of an iron can. It is easy to circulate, convenient to use, and low in price.

Paper can packaging is not only safe and well sealed, but also can achieve exquisite printing effects. Environmentally friendly paper cans use different paper materials, using fashionable elements such as gilding, printing, UV, hollowing, embossing, and film covering, combined with production processes such as curling and fine cutting, to produce creative paper cans with detailed printing effects, diverse colors, and a * end. The atmosphere and fashion can achieve the purpose of visual marketing, attract more consumers' attention, and stimulate purchasing desire.

It can be said that paper can packaging has a very good industry development prospects, in line with social development trends. Paper can packaging will lead the trend of the packaging industry. With the increasingly prominent social environmental issues, circular paper can packaging will usher in a broader development space. In the next few years, paper can packaging will become the development trend of the packaging industry.