Common uses of paper tubes and what are the causes of paper tube deformation


1. Spandex paper tube: accurate geometric size and weig […]

1. Spandex paper tube: accurate geometric size and weight, high grab rate, excellent slotting quality, automatic production with imported equipment, huge production capacity, suitable for winding of spandex yarn.

2. Iron head paper tube: The end is reinforced with iron head to meet the needs of turnover and recycling, improve performance and save costs.

3. High grab paper tube: high compressive strength, stable surface gap, widely used in papermaking, film and other large-scale winding industries. Its outstanding advantage is that it is suitable for high-speed, large-capacity winding, and it is cost-effective.

4. Small wall thickness paper tube: thin wall thickness, flat end face, accurate length, suitable for adhesive tape, cling film and other industries.

Custom Sugar Cane Container packing

Custom Sugar Cane Container packing

Industrial Use:Powder
Use:Powder, Spice
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:OEM
Paper Type:Kraft Paper
Printing Handling:Stamping, UV Coating, Varnishing
Custom Order:Accept
Feature:Aseptic, Recyclable

The main raw material of the paper tube is paper, which has the advantages of light weight, easy recovery, no pollution, and low cost. But it is easy to deform, what is the reason?

Since it is sensitive to moisture, if the environment of use or storage is relatively humid, the moisture in the air can easily enter the inside of the paper tube, which will increase the moisture content of the paper tube, which will reduce the strength of the product. At the same time, there is an external force. If applied, it will cause the paper tube to deform.

In addition to being related to the environment, it is also closely related to the processing quality of the product. If the quality of the product is reliable, the temperature and humidity in the environment where the paper tube is used and stored, and the paper tube has suitable conditions, this can be very good. to avoid the occurrence of deformation and so on. Therefore, when we choose, we need to see whether the manufacturer has the corresponding qualifications, whether it is a regular manufacturer, and so on. In fact, we can roughly judge the qualification of the factory through the Internet. Only the qualification of the other party is not a problem, it is a regular manufacturer, and the products produced are very guaranteed. At the same time, we must also determine the actual quality of each other's products. If you are buying industrial paper tubes in bulk, it is recommended to look at the real thing first, or ask the manufacturer to send samples directly.

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