Design Points for Product Packaging Design


1. Packaging label Packaging label refers to the text, […]

1. Packaging label
Packaging label refers to the text, graphics, engraving and printing instructions attached to or hung on the product sales package. The label can be a simple label attached to the product, or it can be a carefully designed pattern as part of the package. The label may only be marked with the product name, or it may contain a lot of information, which can be used to identify and inspect the built-in products, and it can also play a promotional role.
Generally, the product label mainly includes: the name and address of the manufacturer or seller, product name, trademark, composition, quality characteristics, quantity of the product in the package, method of use and dosage, number, matters needing attention during storage, quality inspection number, production Date and validity. It is worth mentioning that the labels printed with colorful patterns or physical photos have obvious promotional effects.Paper Tube Boxes Packaging
2. Packaging mark
It is graphics, text, and numbers printed on the outside of a shipping package and combinations thereof. There are three types of packaging signs: transportation signs, instructional signs, and warning signs. The transportation mark is also called Mark, which refers to the geometric figures, specific letters, etc. printed on the outer packaging of the product reflecting the contents of the consignee and shipper, destination or transit place, part number, batch number, origin, etc. Numbers and short text, etc.
Indicative signs are signs made of striking graphics and simple text for some products that are easily broken, damaged, or deteriorated according to the characteristics of the product. Indicative signs instruct relevant personnel to draw attention during loading and unloading, handling, storage, and operations. Commonly, there are "this end is up", "fragile", "careful handling", "lifted from this", etc. Warning signs refer to special words printed on the transportation packaging of dangerous goods such as flammable, explosive, corrosive and radioactive materials to show warning. Common are "explosives", "flammables", "having drugs" and so on.
Conception is the soul of design. It is difficult to formulate fixed ideas and formulas in design and creation. Most of the creations are from immature to mature. It is normal to affirm or negate some, and modify or supplement in the process. The core of the idea is to consider what and how to behave. To answer these two questions, we need to solve the following four points: the focus of expression, the angle of expression, the expression technique, and the expression form. Just like in combat, the focus is on attacking the target, the angle is the breakthrough, the technique is tactics, and the form is the weapon. If any part of the link is not handled properly, it will be completely abandoned.

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