Direction for the three major gift packages


  Adhesive social and economic development, Gifts […]


Adhesive social and economic development, Gifts Market Debut, Large Gifts Market Yayai Movement Gift Gift Packaging Exhibition. Gifts business competition, daily profits fierce, self-made products, non-compliance, gift packaging. One side of the bottom side.
1, integral molding

In terms of physical packaging, the number of packaging layers is reduced and unnecessary, the number of packaging layers is low, the porosity is low, the printing is low, and various applications are possible. Rokutsu over-the-top structure design, "integral molding", unnecessary additions, east and west jobs, and packaging requirements. Regular color tiled paper cardboard tubes packaging supplierspackaging, traditional method, special products, special products, performance, low printing cost, low environmental pollution.



2, personalization

Individualized packaging design method. Comparing large-scale design method, unambiguous correction, business model, product self-reduction, social effect, capital effect, and influence. Packaging type representational plasticity, natural humanization, organic molding development, original packaging, individual quality, special suction suction consumer. Religious item packaging design Tokiya Strategy for advanced systematic thinking, opposite actual situation Unequal angle habitual analysis, independence, clarification.

3, protection

Reinforcement gift packaging design, design, effect, effect, addition, packaging, printing, and industrial technology. Packaging Reliable design and new method Yogurtaku Technology Outcome Printing Industry Technology Strengthening and pursuing Principles Principles Harmony, observability and effect Future packaging business development and one way.

Design and packaging is one important component part of the packaging. It is a packaging method for custom-made tiles, recommendations and shapes.

Fixed-label packaging provided by courtesy system, paper-based system, business printing provided by large-scale customer, printing by printing, printing by single page, printing by sea page, printing by Kaihai, printing by handbag.

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