How does paper tube production technology develop


With the rapid development of society, everyone is fami […]

With the rapid development of society, everyone is familiar with paper tubes, paper tubes, and paper cores. I will give you a professional introduction to paper tube production technology: low-cost paper tube glue technology Low-cost paper tube glue technology mainly does not use polyethylene Instead of using a new type of polymer material with similar properties to polyvinyl alcohol, the cost of glue made is 20%-30% lower than that of polyvinyl alcohol. The original paper tube glue factory does not need to change the existing production process.


The special glue powder for paper tube can be used for all kinds of paper tube mechanical coiling, replacing various paper tube glues of white latex and polyvinyl alcohol. The price is only the price of other paper tubes. About half of the tube glue, the glue initially sticks quickly and dries quickly. The hardness and strength of the paper tube bonded with this glue are obviously higher than those of the paper tube bonded with other tube glues such as white latex and polyvinyl alcohol glue.


Moreover, it has good paper tube box moisture resistance and can fully meet the moisture resistance requirements of various paper tubes. Using this glue can not only significantly improve the strength of the paper tube, but also greatly reduce the cost.The demand for paper tubes in daily necessities, textiles, light industry, packaging, leather and other fields is increasing.


Such as toilet roll inner core paper tube, textile yarn tube, cloth, paper product, leather, plastic film and other roll packaging paper tube, etc. Paper tube uses DTY tube, POY tube, FDY tube, nylon tube, spandex tube, spandex covered yarn tube for chemical fiber industry. Film industry pipe BOPP, PET, PVC, BOPA, CPP, agricultural mulch film, cling film, stretch film, plastic bag pipe (for supermarkets), aluminized film, electrical capacitor film, propylene film, cigarette film.

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