How many box types are there for cartons?


1. Wrapped carton Packaging corrugated cardboard boxes […]

1. Wrapped carton

Packaging corrugated cardboard boxes and 0210 cartons have some similarities. The difference lies in: the corrugation direction of the 0210 box is parallel to the width of the blank board, and the corrugation direction of the packaging corrugated cardboard box is parallel to the length of the board; The connecting part is connected to the surface of the main box, and the packaged corrugated box is connected to the surface of the side box; the indentation line of the inner and outer cover of 0210 carton is a straight line, while the packaging corrugated box is different.
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2. Triangular column carton

The triangular column corrugated box is composed of a box body and corner liner. The four corners of the corrugated box form a triangular column or right-angle column structure, which increases the compressive strength by 20%-50%.

There are two types of triangular column carton: pallet type and sealed type. There are many types of cartons to choose from. Compared with ordinary corrugated boxes, the compressive strength of triangular column corrugated boxes can be increased by 20%-30% under standard conditions. , Compressive strength can be increased by 40%-60% under high humidity.




The box body will not bulge, especially in a wet state; from the structural point of view, the corners are relatively strong, so the damage rate of the contents is very low when falling impact and vibration; when a load is applied, the box body deforms stably and is not easy The stack collapsed; the pallet triangle column corrugated boxes showed good sales.

3. Separate carton

Separated cartons can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, mainly to solve the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. On the basis of the traditional standard box type, the separation box can be combined with various auxiliary materials, and new molding methods can also be adopted.

The new type of sub-box generally adopts the combination of H-type intermediate partition and packing box, and there are N-type and F-type packing boxes. Type F is more popular. It is mainly used for the outer packaging of plastic bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and the outer packaging of glass bottles of condiments.

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