How to color in gravure printing when packaging boxes are printed


Printing factories often encounter color matching probl […]

Printing factories often encounter color matching problems when printing paper tube packaging window. If they do not understand the basic knowledge of ink performance and color, it is difficult to achieve the expected results. First of all, it is necessary to understand the change rule of the addition of the three primary color inks, analyze the color of the primary color draft, find out the main hue, and then use the least kinds of auxiliary color inks to modulate, otherwise the use of too many kinds of colors will make the ink color dark and the gloss will be reduced.


Pay attention to When adjusting the ink, the same type of ink produced by the same manufacturer should be used. It is best to use inks of the same type of pigments to avoid chemical reactions or difficult affinity. The change of the addition of the three primary colors: the primary color red contains a small amount of primary yellow, which is bright red, and gradually becomes golden red, orange red, deep yellow, and medium yellow with the increase of yellow.


The original yellow with a little original blue is grass green, and as the blue increases, it gradually becomes emerald green, brilliant green, medium green, dark green, and dark green. The original blue contains a small amount of original red, which is medium blue, and gradually becomes dark blue, ultramarine blue, green lotus blue, and purple as the red increases.


The original red plus a little original blue is deep red, and the blue is increased to become purple, the deepest red is purple, and the deepest blue is also purple. White ink, gray ink, and black ink have no hue, only saturation. The addition of any color ink to white ink will make the ink luster rise and shine, and the color will decrease at the same time. If black ink is added, the gloss and color of the ink will decrease.

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