How to distinguish the quality of the paper tube


Whether in industry or in life, paper tube are very com […]

Whether in industry or in life, paper tube are very common. Paper tubes are a widely used product. With the continuous strengthening of development efforts, more brands have begun to appear. So as the end user of the paper tube, how to distinguish the quality of the paper tube?


(71-73)*80MM Paper Tube Packaging Window


Analyzing its importance, in fact, to a large extent, the quality of the paper tube depends on the advanced level of the relevant craftsmanship. Therefore, if the process is relatively backward, not only is it difficult to improve the production efficiency, but also the quality of the products produced is not much higher. Therefore, as far as the manufacturers themselves are concerned, it takes a lot of energy to improve the process.


Various paper core tubes or components are made of polymer substances or inorganic substances, and the spinning melt or solution is measured by filtration. It is extruded from the spinneret plate into a liquid trickle. The import volume of chemical fiber materials in my country has reached 55% of the total demand. The shortage of chemical fiber professional materials is large, and the dependence on the international market is high. It will increase the production cost of the enterprise, aggravate the financial burden of the enterprise, and increase the business risk of the enterprise to become the destroyer of the market order. Viscose fiber is made of natural cotton linter wood. It has the following excellent properties: The benefits are soft and shiny, and the viscose fiber is as smooth as cotton fiber as soft silk fiber.

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