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How to identify the quality of paper tube

1. Tightness: The paper tube is relatively tight, and the paper tube will not suddenly fall apart when the product is rolling, which will affect the rolling of the product, so you must look at the tightness of the paper tube when choosing.


99*120MM customized Protein Powder Container

Industrial Use:Food & Beverage Packaging
Paper Type:Craft Paper
Printing Handling:Varnishing
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:oem
Size:ID99*120MM, ID99*120MM
Custom Order:Accept
Feature:Recycled Materials
Product name:customized packaging paper material food powder whey protein packaging
Material:Composite Material
HS CODE:4819500000
Usage:protein packaging
Shape:Cylinder Shape
Logo:Customer's Logo
Advantage:UHS(Ultra Hermetic Seamed )
Color printing:CMYK Color Printing
Design:Accept Customized Design(size
Use:protein packaging


2. Smell: The smell of the paper tube glue directly shows the quality of the glue. Good glue should be organic glue, and the smell is not pungent. If the smell of the paper tube is very pungent, it means that the quality of the glue is not good. This will not only affect the tightness of the paper tube, but also make your product smell bad.

3. Inconvenient storage: Many companies do not immediately use the paper tubes after purchasing them. Mature paper tube manufacturers will inform customers of the preservation methods and taboos when purchasing paper tubes, so that mildew will not occur Maybe damp.

In fact, most of the quality of the paper tube depends on the advanced level of the relevant process level. Therefore, if the technology is relatively backward, not only will it be difficult to improve the production efficiency, but the quality of the produced products will not be much higher. The continuous research and development of products, the continuous improvement of service quality, the continuous improvement of management, and the continuous pursuit of the future are the goals that our paper tube manufacturers have been pursuing.