How to make a round tube box


There are many ways to make a round tube box. You can u […]

There are many ways to make a round tube box. You can use cardboard, brown kraft paper, or paper. There are also several different finishing treatments that can give your packaging a premium look. To make your round tube box even more stylish, try combining different materials in the design. Here are some ideas. Listed below are some of the most common materials that you can use to create a round tube box. You can also try adding a custom design to the box.A Paper round tube box is a versatile packaging option for a variety of products.


Customized Promotional Round Box Car Tissues

Type:Facial Tissue
Material:Virgin Wood Pulp, 100% wood pulp
Style:Box Tissue
Application:Promotional Gift
Layer:3 Ply
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:OEM
Model Number:Csutom
Product Name:Customized Promotional Round Box Car Tissues Facial Tissue
Package:Custom printed Paper tube
Custom Order:Accept
Tube Surface Handling:Labeling
Handling after Printing:Glossy finish
Tube Printing:handling by request


Its sturdy design makes it an ideal choice for packing wet products. The packaging can be customized with various printing options and different finishes to complement its contents. A few options are available, including flanged or seamed ends. A flanged end requires an extra sealant inside the joint. A paperboard or plastic insert can also be used.Another alternative to a Paper round tube box is the Stock Paper Tube cylinder, which features a removable lid. Available in four different sizes, this box's walls are 2mm thick. It's recyclable and reusable, and it is an economical choice for packing small items.A round tube box is a box made of cardboard with a cylindrical shape.


The structure is simple: the outer part of the box is one piece, while the inner part consists of two pieces of paper. The outer base has a longer wall than the cap lid. The top lid, which is usually made of cardboard, is shorter than the bottom.The cardboard used in these tubes is durable and resistant to tearing. Its walls are typically 2mm thick. This material prevents the box from sagging and tearing and protects the goods inside from damage during shipping and storage.A custom manufacturer of polyethylene foam plastic tubing produces round tubes with plus/minus 0.060-inch tolerances. Other services include vacuum calibration, ultrasonic welding, hot stamping, labeling, and vulcanizing.


The company serves industries such as OEM, electrical, and building and construction. Their products are UL-approved.This type of box is more durable than folding paper boxes because of the rigidity. Its two-mm thick walls will protect your fragile items. It will maintain its shape even when dropped or squeezed. When filled with products, the foam inside will keep them from moving around. It will also prevent the box from losing its shape.A brown Kraft paper round tube box with lid is a great way to package food items while attracting customers' attention. It combines 300g SBS single cardboard with a chromed side with 128g exquisite kraft paper. It is a great choice for multiple products, and can be printed in multiple colors.

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