How to understand modern product packaging design concept


The current packaging design needs to be applied to the […]

The current packaging design needs to be applied to the new market environment, and the current packaging design is still in the “native” age. These are our challenges. The packaging design has already been completed.

First, the current packaging design demands, the current design of the packaging, the packaging background before the packaging, a certain market background.
Running market. 只有 你 Running Market Talent Comprehension Market Comprehension Market, Talent Present Market, New Rebirth, Talent From Market Interviewed Self-designed Joint Language.

Deaf person. It can be used as a passer-by, a user who understands other demands, uses information about other demands, has a clear understanding of the user, has a talented life, and has a life of a more recent consumer.

Second, product strategy during packaging design. Successful product representation and realism.

Three, packaging design color design.

Fourth, cultural policy during packaging design.

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