How to wrap coins in paper?


1. The paper should not be too thin. If the bai paper i […]

1. The paper should not be too thin. If the bai paper is smaller than the du, two sheets can be stacked together. The zhi paper can be smaller, and the dao diagonal of the paper should be more zhuan than the height of the coin. Put the coin in the corner of the paperCoin Bank Packaging Manufacturers.


2. Pull up a corner of the paper, place it on the coin, tidy the coin with your hands, and make the corner of the paper together with the coin, and roll it toward the other end of the paper. When the small corner of the paper is pressed by the coin, continue to roll forward. After rolling it for about a week, fold the paper on both sides of the coin to the middle, continue to roll forward, and fold it intermittently. Until the paper is folded, fold the paper on both sides in the middle and fix it with transparent glue or glue.
A large number of coins are counted, and now there are automatic measuring and packaging machines. If it is a small amount of daily counting, the standard tool is a "coin counter", which is actually a box made of bakelite. The groove on the top is made according to the thickness and size of the coin. Generally, 5 coins of the same amount are stacked together. Then it is placed horizontally in that groove and measured by size and thickness. But this thing is too inefficient. Generally, it is used as a "bounce box". Few people actually use this to count money.

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