How to introduce traditional culture into product packaging design


Combination of packaging design and traditional culture […]

Combination of packaging design and traditional culture
At the same time, while Chinese and world cultures are intensifying exchanges, a large number of Western design concepts and works enter our horizons and are loved by us. Some designers are blown down by this powerful "Westerly style", advocating Western design schools and imitations. When studying Western design, some designers have insufficient skills. In the words of the common people, they should be foreign or foreign. Taking advantage of people and complementing them, Chinese designers should absorb the essence of Western design, dig deeper into Chinese culture and art, and spread Chinese-style packaging design to the world. There is no separation between modernity and tradition, but rather Infiltration and integration, inheritance and transcendence are the natural way. Today's society and economy show a very obvious characteristic, that is, commodities are being rapidly eliminated at the same time as they are circulating at a very fast speed. At this time, if the product wants to occupy a place in such a fiercely competitive market, in addition to relying on the superiority of the product itself, the packaging design is also outstanding. We can use traditional folk art as the inspiration for the design of product packaging, ingeniously integrate with modern science and technology, combine traditional beauty with modern advanced technology, personalize and innovatively reflect the characteristics of goods, while promoting the circulation of goods. Can enhance the value of traditional culture.
In recent years, the auspicious pattern decoration, which is popular among consumers, has been widely used in packaging design. The dragon pattern has always been famous for its unique artistic style and lively appeal, and has become a symbol and symbol of national tradition. Especially, the dragon pattern is designed in the packaging as a decoration and theme pattern. The artistic image of various commodities forms a certain mood and expresses a certain theme, which can play a great role in sales. Among them, the application of dragon pattern on wine packaging decoration is particularly prominent. For example, the packaging design of Bancheng Shaoxing Liquor has well expressed the concept of the product, bringing people a beautiful desire to pursue upward, auspicious, and has a strong artistic charm. The handling of color is also very strong and bold, which is rare in the packaging of other countries. The combination of red, yellow, gold, silver, black and white, and other difficult-to-reconcile colors produces a strong visual effect and strengthens the Chinese nation. Expression in traditional style.
At the same time, in order to design works that are creative, practical, and influential, designers should understand that packaging design channels are not unique. Designers must integrate graphics, text, and layout in a logical and emotional way. Used in the appearance of the package, it can resonate with the consumers emotionally while expressing clearly. Therefore, in addition to combining a good creative product design channel with the market value of the product itself and consumer emotions, it must also integrate with the traditional culture and art of the nation.

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