Prospect Analysis of Composite Paper Cans


At present, the development prospects of composite pape […]

At present, the development prospects of composite paper cans are that the annual consumption of metal cans in China is 8-9 billion, raw materials need to be imported in large quantities, and the price is expensive. Collision and extrusion during transportation lead to the deformation of the cans, coupled with environmental pollution and other factors. Whether to find a new packaging container to replace metal cans has become a hot issue of concern in the industry.
The birth of composite paper can overcomes the drawbacks of metal can. Compared with metal can, composite paper can has more obvious advantages. Its main characteristics are: paper is the main raw material, easy recovery and treatment; good protection performance; water-proof, moisture-proof, with a certain heat insulation effect; odorless, non-toxic, safe and reliable, especially suitable for food packaging. It can fill all kinds of commodities with low noise when filling, can withstand positive pressure and negative pressure, and can be used in vacuum or nitrogen filling packaging, and has a variety of shapes and structures. The outer layer can be color printing, which has a good display effect. It is light in weight, only 30% of the tin can be easily circulated, easy to use and lower in cost than the tin can by 20% - 30%. Paper cans can be used for packaging of paints, chemicals, food and pharmaceuticals, and can also produce paper lunch boxes, cups, buckets and other products. French, American, British and Japanese cylindrical composite paper cans are mainly used for the packaging of concentrated fruit juice, infant milk powder, rice flour and other products. This packaging form has the trend of replacing metal cans. Relevant experts predict that the annual demand for paper cans in China will gradually reach 20 billion. Its excellent characteristics will inject new vitality into the packaging industry in China.
Although the demand for composite paper cans is increasing in a large number, the development of domestic composite paper cans is at a relatively low level. There are many manufacturers, scattered and chaotic, small scale, backward technical force, low automation level, and it is still a labor-intensive industry. With the rise of domestic labor costs, the profits of this industry are being compressed, while the level of technology and quality has not improved. The domestic composite paper cans industry is in a shuffling stage.
There are too few large-scale composite paper cans enterprises in China. Jiayi Packaging in Shandong Province is one of the large-scale enterprises in China. Lack of large-scale composite paper cans manufacturing enterprises is a bottleneck restricting the development of composite paper cans in a short time in China.

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