Paper can packaging production process and process


Paper can packaging enhances the aesthetics of the prod […]

Paper can packaging enhances the aesthetics of the product through its clean and urban design. Paper can packaging is becoming more and more mature, and it is also breaking into our eyeliner. So what kind of pattern design and packaging are more productive line highlights? In addition to the design of these textures, it depends on the production process of paper can packaging. Popular science encyclopedia.
Paper can packaging production process flow: roll tube (fine cutting)-electric heating and drying-labeling-curling-visual robot dispensing-assembly-inspection and packing. 罐 Paper can packaging embossing, embossing is a common process for product decoration and molding after printing. The indentation production of paper can packaging for paper is in accordance with the traditional process, and it is also produced by a vertical die cutting machine. There are also problems of low production efficiency and high labor intensity.China paper canisters manufacturers
Aiming at the disadvantages of the above-mentioned production process and breaking the conventional process, a new process of partial or comprehensive embossing on the offset printing machine using a resin plate was created, which not only reduced the production cost, but also improved the production efficiency and quality. Uniform process effect.

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