What production equipment does the carton need?


1. There are big and small carton factories. Take the e […]

1. There are big and small carton factories. Take the equipment of large carton factories:
Large corrugated board production line for tens of millions of carton equipment, plus some messy things, about tens of millions. A medium-sized carton factory needs about four sets of production equipment.
It also needs some senior operation technicians, and some small carton factories can produce carton with only one nail box machine, so it is not easy to run a carton factory.
2. If you make a normal carton, you need some equipment. A corrugated board production printing machine, a nail box machine will do.
The carton packaging equipment is a carton forming machine, and the carton opening machine refers to the automatic unpacking, forming, and bending of the bottom leaf.
At the moment, the lower part of the tape is pasted, the cardboard box folded into a cardboard is opened, the bottom of the box is folded according to a certain procedure, and sealed with tape to be sent to the special equipment of the boxer.
Automatic carton forming machine and automatic unpacking machine are assembly line equipment for automatic unpacking, automatic folding lower cover, and automatic sealing of the bottom bottom tape. device of.

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