Is chocolate distracting?


1. Benefits Maintain bai and promote the health of the […]

1. Benefits
Maintain bai and promote the health of the heart and blood.
2. Disadvantages
Chocolate contains a lot of fat and dao, and does not contain shu cellulose, which can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, which affects the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal tract.
People with heartache should avoid eating chocolate, especially if they feel hot after eating chocolate, stop eating it. This is because chocolate contains a substance that can stimulate stomach acid.
Mothers need to breastfeed their newborns after delivery. If too much chocolate is consumed, it will have an adverse effect on the baby's development. The theobromine contained in chocolate will penetrate into breast milk and be absorbed by the baby and accumulate in the baby's body. Theobromine can damage the nervous system and heart, relax muscles, increase urine output, and cause indigestion, unstable sleep, and constant crying.
Extended information:
Selection method
1. Look at the ingredients
Chocolate with high cocoa butter content is relatively more beneficial to human health.
2. Look at the appearance
A good chocolate ECO Friendly Chocolate Bar Packaginghas a neat appearance, a bright, smooth, delicate and even surface, and there are no bubbles (pores) after being broken. Pure chocolate is brown; top pure chocolate has the same color as cocoa beans and is reddish brown; milk chocolate is slightly lighter in color and golden brown; white chocolate is generally cream yellow.
3. Look at the melting point
This requires us to do an experiment. First, pour two cups of hot water. Put the cocoa butter substitute and the chocolate with high cocoa butter content into two hot water cups and shake them. You will find that the cocoa butter melts faster.

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