The difference between whey protein and protein powder


"The main difference between whey protein and protein p […]

"The main difference between whey protein and protein powder is the absorption rate. The absorption rate of whey protein is faster, the purity is high, and the amino acid combination is the most reasonable. It is not only easy to digest and absorb, but also has high biological value and high utilization.

The other difference is general The protein powder comes from soy protein, whey protein, and milk protein. It is designed to supplement basic nutritional protein for the human body. It is a tonic. And whey protein powder is used for fitness and muscle exercise. The protein oem UHS Whey Protein Packagingcontent is more than 70%, and the composition ratio is higher. Scientifically, it belongs to the best quality animal protein, and whey protein can regulate immune function and anti-oxidation, increase the body's physical strength, improve exercise efficiency, inhibit the feeling of hunger, and it is also a source of natural branched chain amino acids, which helps relieve exercise Fatigue, reduce muscle damage, promote muscle synthesis and relieve pain after exercise. Therefore, different groups of people need to choose different protein powders."

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