The Usefulness of Plastic Bags and Packaging


For lunch today I bought a fruit salad and a bottle of […]

For lunch today I bought a fruit salad and a bottle of water to help down it and hydrate myself. With me was my phone, MP3 player, wallet, keys, bubble gum, a small notepad, change and my eyeglass case. I had no extra space on my person to put my food and I did not want to carry them with my hands. Thankfully, the guy at the counter put both my food and water in a plastic bag. With that I was able to safely and comfortably carry my goods from the store and bring it back to the office.

Plastic packaging allows people to safely place their valuables inside and keep it safe from the elements and damage to a certain extent. Packaging also gives consumers more options to send or receive their more important items.

So why choose plastic bags over paper ones? For one thing, paper bags are not as durable as plastic. Paper is much more brittle than plastic and will tear easily which can be disastrous with so much food in a bag. Plastic will not tear as easily. Also, plastic's natural elasticity means it can hold many more items than the rigid paper bag. Putting too much stuff in a paper bag will most likely rip it and no one wants that.

Plastic packaging works the same way. The elastic nature of the packaging means much less of a chance the object you are trying to deliver will rip through the plastic and revealing its contents. Another benefit of plastic packaging - plastic bags as well - is that you can use it with irregular shaped items. Where are you China Round Kraft Tube Box suppliersgoing to find paper bag or paper packaging that conforms perfectly to an elaborately shaped snow globe? I somehow doubt such a thing exists. I suppose you can special order paper packaging that allows you to comfortably place such an object inside but that would be too much of a hassle. Since plastic can easily conform to items placed inside of it there is much less of a chance of the plastic damaging the item and vice versa as well. Objects placed in plastic are also easier to safely store when compared to cardboard boxes.

When thinking about how useful plastic is and how it makes carrying or sending things through mail much more convenient, it makes a lot of sense to completely switch over from paper bags and packaging.

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