What are the benefits of using packaging paper tubes


Packaging paper tubes are promising green packaging mat […]

Packaging paper tubes are promising green packaging materials. Paper packaging: promising green packaging materials: Source: China Printing Port, the four pillars of modern packaging. Printing paper, plastic, metal, and glass materials. Paper is growing rapidly. Paper The price is also cheap.
The packaging paper tube has a wide range of raw materials, and different plastics are not easy to dissolve, not as fragile as glass, not as heavy as metal, and easy to carry. In addition, the packaging paper tube can recycle recycled paper or plant fertilizers to purify the environment. Compared with plastic and glass, packaging paper tube is considered to be one of the more promising green packaging printing materials.
The packaging paper tube is a new, environmentally friendly, high-strength green packaging and printing bag paper. This product uses waste paper as the basic raw material. In continuous operation, the water-soluble yarn is spun into high-strength green packaging and printing bag paper with inlaid yarn.
There is no pulping, acid, alkali and waste liquid discharge during the production process of packaging paper tube. The renewable resource green packaging project can effectively solve the white pollution problem in environmental protection. The product has high moisture resistance and anti-counterfeiting strength. The intermediate water-soluble yarn is soluble in C water and can be recycled.

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