What are the commonly used materials for tea packaging?


Ordinary metal can packaging Metal cans are made of thi […]

Ordinary metal can packaging Metal cans are made of thin iron sheet, and the cans are square and cylindrical, and they are covered with a single-layer lid and a double-layer lid. Its disadvantage is that the airtightness is not good, and the tea leaves will absorb enough moisture when exposed to humid air for one hour, and become soft and deteriorate. Iron has a metallic peculiar smell, and at the same time it is easily oxidized over a long period of time, and tea cannot be stored for a long time.
   Composite film bag packaging At present, more and more commercial tea packaging uses composite film bag packaging. Its disadvantages are that it is not protected from light and airtight, and over time, it will mold the tea and have peculiar smell. Chlorophyll and other components undergo a photocatalytic reaction.Custom Biodegradable Round Tea Container Cardboard
   Plastic molded container packaging It is packaged in polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other molded containers. Because of its poor sealing performance, it is mostly used as outer packaging, and the packaging is mostly packaged with plastic bags. Because plastic easy and green tea play a chemical role, the tea taste is lost. Moreover, the airtightness is poor, and the peculiar smell in the jar affects the quality of tea.
   Bag-lined box Packing boxes are made with plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof paint as packaging materials. Because the plastic bag easily reacts with green tea, the tea taste is lost. At the same time, the adhesive and paint used to bond the inner layer have peculiar smell, which will contaminate the tea leaves and make the tea leaves tasteless. And its airtightness is very poor after unpacking.
   Tinware Packaging Tin cans are the best container for storing tea. Tin is widely used in the food industry at home and abroad and is the best material for food preservation packaging. Also known as green metal. Because tin cans have strong antioxidant capacity, good air tightness, low air permeability, good conductivity, and no metal odor, they have been used as tea storage and tea drinking utensils for a long time. According to inspections by relevant institutions, tin cans are used to store tea for many years to maintain its fragrance and quality, without mold and mildew, for more than ten years. In particular, the fine tea storage tank made of pure tin has the functions of airtight preservation, anti-oxidation, blocking light, and no peculiar smell.

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