What are the different uses of paper tubes


Paper tubes are available at very nominal cost in the m […]

Paper tubes are available at very nominal cost in the market and it is useful for multiple purposes. The designing needs a touch of art for giving it proper shape & scrutinizing paper pieces of the cardboard after buying the paper tube. A bit of carelessness and the paper will tear up ending into wastage and then it will be of no use. To prevent from the wastage it is essential to give appropriate folds and cuts with different tricks and techniques to the paper that leads to some craft items.


When any events are following around, it is implied to give some sort of gifts to celebrate the occasion. To make the gifts more decorative and meaningful it should be wrapped up with handmade colorful papers. You can make your own wrapping cardboard using a few basic craft supplies. It can be also used as wrapping of cardboard that can be beneficial for the multiple usages.The creative concept of making Binoculars from Paper Tubes is also noticeable item prevailing among craft props.


Kids are more interested in making binoculars round tube box as they are always in a search of exploring new things around. Once the binoculars are made from the paper tubes after necessary actions on it, you can gather details regarding the things to look around through this binocular for your child. Children can cultivate their power of imaginations and develop their skills of drawing by decorating a set of toy binoculars. It can also be taught to young children for making binoculars and as the stapler is suggested to be used very carefully, binoculars should be developed by young children under the guidance of the elders.The interior of the rooms can also be decorated with the cardboard tubes using different combination of colors ending up to an organizer.


The innovative things like wall hangers and holders can be made to display the artistic show pieces and make the room more attractive. Children can also contribute in this decoration and making of organizers by rolling paper, gluing, painting and folding. Similarly organizers for desktop materials like pen & pencils and other things can be crafted from the Paper Tubes. This will keep your desktop clean and organize the stationers on your desk giving a fresh visibility to your working area. Also it can be used to protect important documents by rolling up in paper towel and preventing it from forming creases.

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