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What are the factors affecting the compression resistance of paper corner guards

In the structural planning of packaging materials, no matter which shockproof method is selected, the structural planning of the paper corner guard manufacturer must be followed.
For example, conduct a full survey of customers and master the logistics and storage and transportation environment. Select appropriate materials and protection types in the planning.
After the completion of the planning, it is necessary to carry out the resonance, drop and compression tests on the sample paper corner guard, calculate the environmental damage of the product in the process of storage and transportation, and check whether the product can be effectively protected. We should not only protect the product effectively, but also prevent excessive packaging of the product. Cost should also be considered in the planning.
Several factors affecting the compressive strength of paper corner guards are as follows:
1. Moisture: production environment, storage environment, application environment, climate, climate and other factors will affect the moisture content. In order to ensure the compressive strength of paper corner guards, the impact of external environment on the moisture content of paper corner guards should be prevented as much as possible.
2. Corrugated type: our knowledge generally believes that the larger the corrugated type of paper corner protector, the higher the compressive strength, and simply ignore the influence of corrugated type on deformation. The larger the corrugated shape, the greater the compressive strength and the greater the deformation; The smaller the corrugated shape, the smaller the compressive strength and the smaller the deformation.
If the size is too large, but the corrugated shape is very small, it will be simply crushed during the compression test;
The size is too small, but the corrugated shape is very large. During the compression test, the deformation will be too large, the buffering process will be long, and the difference between the useful energy value and the final force value will be large.
3. Paper composition and ring compression strength: check the physical function of each layer of paper, and be able to start calculating the compressive strength, and then control the compressive strength of each process in the production process through the calculated compressive strength of the paper corner guard. The ring compression strength of paper is the key to ensure the compressive strength, but other physical functions of paper can not be ignored.
4. Production technology: the test shows that under the same conditions, the compressive strength decreases by 90N~130N and the deformation increases by about 2mm for each 1mm of the width of the transverse pressing line of the paper corner guard. If the pressure line is too wide, the force value will increase slowly, the useful energy value will be small, and the deformation will be large after all.