What are the influencing factors of the paper length change of the paper tube


What are the influencing factors of the paper length ch […]

What are the influencing factors of the paper length change of the paper tube?
1. Paper moisture content: different paper moisture content will also cause changes in paper length. The greater the water content of the paper, the more severe the shrinkage of the paper after printing.
2. Paper basis weight: under the same tension, the greater the basis weight of the paper used in printing (the thicker the paper), the more serious the shrinkage of the paper after printing, but the high moisture content of thick paper should also be considered. In general, thick paper should be Increase the tension.
3. Tension is the stretching force of the paper feeding system during the printing process. The excessive tension of the professional paper tube factory during the printing process will stretch the paper. After the tension is eliminated after printing, the paper will inevitably shrink, which will cause the page to appear for a long time. The short problem paper square tube, the paper square tube is also used for many purposes, which affects the collation.
We all know that the material of the paper tube is plants and other products, and the products processed by it are environmentally friendly, and its use can replace plastic packaging and other materials, making our use more environmentally friendly and resource-saving. And because it can produce and process packaging materials with corresponding functions according to different requirements, which can better meet the protective effect of the product and reduce the loss of the product. The important thing is that after use, if it is a complete product that can be used after being cleaned, the discarded product can be recycled and processed and reused, which will not cause pollution to the environment.

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