What are the main cardboard tube packaging styles


Are you looking for some new and innovative ways of pac […]

Are you looking for some new and innovative ways of packaging your products? Then look no further because cardboard tube packaging is just what you need! The unique, sturdy design of these boxes makes them ideal for all kinds of product shipping purposes. From flowers to confectionary and more, cardboard tube packaging makes it easy to carry all kinds of good health and beauty to all corners of the globe.

Now let's look at the four main cardboard tube packaging structure styles: the three-sided, two-sided, and the four-sided construction. The three-sided construction is by far the most versatile among these four options. You can find this type of box in almost every shape and size, so there is a way to fit it to your needs and budget. You can also add more details like a zipper or ribbon on the outside of your box, to enhance its overall look. Here are the four main paper cardboard cylinder tube packing styles:

- One-sided rolled packing. These types of packing are made of one continuous sheet of cardboard tubes. This type of packing is a little bit cheaper compared to the rest, but because of the durability and strength of these cardboard tubes, it can't be used for long. It can be crumpled or folded and packed away to prepare for another round of packaging. However, it can withstand extreme temperatures and is quite resilient against tearing and bending.

- Custom paper tubes. These types of packaging are more durable and sturdy than the ones made of cardboard tubes. They come in different shapes and sizes, and with custom paper inserts or ribbons as accents. These lids can be tied around the top of the box or simply tied at the top to maintain the closed feature. There are also those with clear windows at the top, allowing users to see what's inside. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes, so there's definitely a style that will fit your business' personality.

- Surface paper wrapped tubes. These types of wrapping material are made of thin, heavy duty paper that are attached to each other using double sided tape or special stitching techniques. They have black color sides and white color top, and they can either be glued or stitched together with special stitches or tapes. They are available in a wide range of sizes, so these are perfect for packing any kind of product, including CDs, DVDs, and garments. Plus, they can withstand high-impact handling and long periods of exposure to heat and moisture, making them ideal for items such as food.


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