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What are the main types of cardboard packaging

1. Coated paper
Including gray copper, white copper, single copper, gorgeous card, gold card, platinum card, silver card, laser card, etc. "White board on white background" refers to the common characteristics of white copper and single copper, white copper and single tube paper, both positive and negative are white. The difference between white copper and double copper is that one side of "white copper" is smooth and the other side is not smooth. That is to say, the front side can be printed, but the reverse side cannot be printed. Where is the"single cylinder"? Single Cylinder "Coated on both sides, printable on both sides.

2. Gray cardboard
Grayboard paper is divided into two categories: gray-backed grayboard: not used for box printing presses; gray-backed whiteboard: it is the so-called "greyboard", that is, the front is white, which can be printed, and the back is gray, which cannot be For printing, the general white card is also "white board" paper, which is just a short white card (white card, silver card, etc.) and so on. White cardboard is better, the price is a bit expensive, but the texture and hardness are sufficient, and the next point is the gray-backed whiteboard. White card white board cowhide card

Powder cardboard, one side is white and one side is gray, the price is low, and the double side is white, and the price is high.The material of the color box is determined according to the shape and size of the product.Common materials are: 280 grams of powder paper, 300 grams of powder paper, 350 grams of powder paper, 250 grams of foundation ash for Epit, 250 grams of double powder paper for E pit, etc.

3. Special paper
There are: leather-filled round car tissue holder paper series, velvet series, gift packaging series, two-color pearlescent series, pearlescent paper series,two-color glossy series, glossy series, wrapping paper series, matte black card series, original pulp color card series, Lishi cover paper series.