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What are the maintenance skills of paper tubes

The application of paper tube box can better ensure the storage and transportation of goods, and greatly improve the efficiency of industrial transportation. Therefore, not only to use, but also to maintain. Manufacturers of industrial paper tubes know a lot. Next, industrial paper tube manufacturers will introduce paper tube maintenance tips.


(99-102.4)*175MM Sport Nutrition Container Packaging

Brand Name:custom
Material:Paper, Composite Material
Model Number:custom
Place of Origin:china
Product name:Eco-friendly Nutrition Powder Container Sport Nutrition Packaging
Use:Sport Nutrition Packaging
Usage:Mens Underwear Packaging Box, Food
Shape:Cylinder Shape
Logo:Customer's Logo
Materials:paper+tin+plastic+aluminum foil
Food safe:yes
Surface Handling:Offset Printing
Custom Order:Accept


According to the manufacturer of industrial paper tubes, during the storage and use of paper tube packaging, try to avoid contact with oil. To remove oil, you can gently wipe it with soot or cotton cloth instead of hard grinding.

According to the introduction of industrial paper tube manufacturers, it is necessary to pay attention to frequent removal of water droplets on the paper tube in wet and cold days, because the paper core tube in the manufacturing industry has been in a dry natural environment for a long time.

According to the manufacturer of industrial paper tubes, the paper tubes should not be stacked too high during storage. Avoid placing large diameter paper tubes on small diameter paper tubes to avoid unstable stacking and collapse. In addition, different types of paper tubes need to be stacked separately.