What are the most common environmentally friendly food packaging materials?


Common environmentally friendly food packaging material […]

Common environmentally friendly food packaging materials are:

1. Degradable plastic:

Plastics are generally difficult to degrade, and many plastic wastes buried in the ground will not decompose for several years. The degradable

plastic refers to a plastic whose chemical structure changes in a specific environment that causes performance loss within a specific period of

time. The development of degradable plastic packaging materials and the gradual elimination of non-degradable plastic packaging materials is a

major trend in the world's scientific and technological development and one of the hot spots in material research and development. As

biodegradable plastics are easy to process and shape, their prices are gradually decreasing, resulting in a sharp increase in the use of

biodegradable plastics for packaging. It is currently the most common environmentally friendly food packaging material;

2. Metal packaging materials:

Since metal packaging Eco-friendly Supplement Packaging Boxmaterials are easy to recycle and easy to dispose of, their wastes have less environmental pollution than plastic and paper. Commonly used metal packaging materials are tinplate and aluminum, which are widely used in the manufacture of food and beverage

packaging cans;

3. Glass packaging materials:

Milk, soft carbonated drinks, wine and jam are generally packaged in glass containers, and some cooking utensils and tableware are also packaged

in glass. The main characteristics of glass packaging materials are beautiful, hygienic, corrosion-resistant, low cost, and inert material,

which has little environmental pollution; its disadvantage is that it is fragile, bulky, and more expensive.

4. Paper bag recycling:

Since the packaging of paper products can be recycled again after use, a small amount of waste can be naturally decomposed in the natural

environment and has no adverse effects on the natural environment. Therefore, paper, cardboard and paper products are recognized as green

products in the world and meet the requirements of environmental protection. The treatment of white pollution caused by plastics can play a

positive role as a substitute.

The above four are the most common and environmentally friendly packaging materials. At the same time, more and more environmentalists are now

using textile bags that can be used multiple times, which can reduce environmental pollution.

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