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What are the paper corner guards for

First, paper corner protectors and plastic packing tapes are used together. Put a paper corner protector on each of the individual cartons, furniture panels, metal hoses, etc., and tighten them with plastic packing tape to produce a A solid and smooth package overall.

Second, the applicability of paper corner protectors can be compared with wooden box packaging. At present, the loss of freight logistics has become one of the headaches for overseas stores. The corner protectors are fixed around the goods and can protect the edges of the products from damage. areas, reducing the loss of freight logistics.

Third, more paper corner protectors can bear high working pressure, so when transporting items such as automatic washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, etc., use some short paper corner protectors to put them on the four corners of the carton, and you can Stack the cartons together without squeezing the contents at the same time, so as to avoid unnecessary damage during the transportation process. The relative advantages of paper corner protectors and other corner protector products are self-evident, and it is cheap and easy to use comprehensively.

Application scope

Air conditioners, automatic washing machines, electrical equipment, etc., use corner strips and honeycomb cartons to form a package, which can not only greatly reduce the packaging cost, but also have better anti-seismic performance, and the equipment is easier to maintain;

Widely used in electronic materials, metallurgical equipment, porcelain, carton lining, chemical fiber, decorative building materials, furniture, paper industry, flooring, etc.;

As a new material for safety and protective packaging of edge strips, corner strips, top protection, and bottom protection, corner strips have opened up an effective way of "no container packaging". For many objects, those that only need to protect their edges do not need to be assembled Packaging its products, such an operation produces unnecessary consumption;

It is effective in binding cardboard boxes or putting them into cardboard boxes to increase the compressive strength, which is convenient for loading, unloading, handling and transportation, and protects the goods in the cardboard boxes from damage.

Baking Powder Packaging

Industrial Use:Macaron Making Powder
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:OEM/ODM
Model Number:Custom
Paper Type:Kraft Paper
Printing Handling:Matt Lamination
Custom Order:Accept
Item:Custom Cylinder Macarons Making Powder Paper Canister
Label:CMYK Printing, matte finish
Liner:white uncoated paper liner
Top and bottom style:Tin Slip top, tin bottom
Tube thickness:1mm-1.2mm