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What are the precautions for paper tube storage

Paper tube products are widely used in many industries due to their advantages such as low cost, light weight, easy recycling, and environmental protection. The storage of the paper tube, what problems should be paid attention to when the paper tube is transported and stored?


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1. Pay attention to the order of stacking: When placing paper tubes, do not pay attention to the order of stacking. First of all, the stacking has a strict order, that is, the smaller ones are on the top, and then the ones with larger diameters are on the top. The following will be deduced sequentially in this way, and then placed, so that there is no one who will crush whom, but each caliber should be placed separately, so that it is more convenient to use.

2. Pay attention to the reservation of space: depending on the accumulation of the placement in the warehouse, we must pay attention to reserve a certain space, so that it can be placed well, and it can also have a relatively good moisture-proof effect , Similarly, extra attention should be paid to the handling in the later stage.

The storage and handling of paper tubes not only have a great impact on the quality of paper tubes, but also a great test for Linyi paper tube manufacturers. I hope that everyone should pay attention to the above three aspects when storing and handling paper tubes.