What are the requirements for candy packaging?


The packaging materials of the candy should meet the sp […]

The packaging materials of the candy should meet the specified paper and size specifications and hygiene requirements, and all forms of packaging should meet the following requirements:
1. Pack the small-particle candiesOEM Chocolate candy Packaging Box in bulk tightly according to the prescribed form and arrange them in the cardboard box in an orderly manner (candies that are not easily deformed may not be arranged). Weigh it to the specified weight, cover it so that it fits closely with the bottom of the cover, use two pieces of wax paper for external use, seal with wax in layers, and hot wax at both ends and the middle seam.
For export, a piece of high-quality striped paper or tar paper is generally used; in summer, it is packed with three layers of paper or two layers of paper are used to pack soaked wax.
2. The roll enamel is tightly wrapped with wax paper, the two ends are folded in sequence, both ends are waxed, and then a layer of printed aluminum foil or a layer of printed copper or transparent wrapping paper is wrapped, every 20-30 rolls A white board or yellow board box, packed with two layers of wax paper on the outside, and a label on the outside of the box.



3. Visualize candy packaging
For example, starch jelly can have fruit shapes such as rabble, lemon, pineapple, banana, and grape shapes, as well as animal shapes such as rabbits and goldfish, each according to the specified number and quality of the pieces, and after the box is assembled, the strips are 42g The paper is packaged and dipped in wax liquid, and the two ends or one end of the box are labeled.
4. Packing of bar-shaped pomegranate
The bar-shaped candies have different outer packagings, such as small boxes of Jielian soft candies. The layers are arranged in a white carton, and then packed and sealed with two layers of wax paper, and then waxed, and the outside of the box is pasted label.
5. Bags are generally printed in paper bags, transparent bags, plastic bags or composite bags. After the sugar is put in the bag, it must be weighed to meet the regulations. After removing most of the air, the mouth must be tightly sealed. Put it into a box, then seal it with packing wax and affix a label.
6. Canned or boxed
It is required to clean up the oily garbage to meet the sanitary requirements, and strictly remove the defective cans such as flat, rusty, poorly printed, scratched, etc., and weigh according to the regulations. The lid must be sealed with glue paper, or wrap it again. Layers of wrapping paper or paper sleeve. Several tins are packed in a carton, with a label attached to the outside of the box.
7. Pack the sugar in a carton according to the specified quality. The sugar is sealed in a plastic bag, and then packed in a beautifully printed copperplate carton, packed with transparent paper.

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