What are the three major types of containers for logistics collection packaging


The packaging container generally refers to the packagi […]

The packaging container generally refers to the packaging equipment, materials and materials used in accordance with certain technical specifications during the commodity circulation process in order to protect the commodity, facilitate storage, facilitate transportation, promote sales, prevent environmental pollutionSport Nutrition Container Packaging and prevent safety accidents. The overall name of the other auxiliary.
Packaging container is a combination of packaging materials and shapes, including packaging bags, packaging boxes, packaging bottles, packaging cans, and packaging boxes. The packaging boxes included in the ranks of modern logistics packaging mainly include corrugated boxes, wooden boxes, pallet assembly packaging, containers and plastic turnover boxes. They have their own characteristics in meeting the function of commodity transportation and packaging, and must be selected and used reasonably according to actual needs.
1. Corrugated boxes. Corrugated boxes are packaging containers made of corrugated cardboard with a hollow structure through a molding process. Corrugated boxes use various types of cardboard, including single-corrugated, double-corrugated, and triple-corrugated, as packaging materials. The weight of large-scale cartons can reach 3000 kg.


The application range of corrugated boxes is very wide, including almost all daily consumer goods, including fruits, vegetables, processed foods, knitted cotton fabrics, glass ceramics, medical drugs and other daily necessities, as well as bicycles, household appliances, fine furniture and so on. Corrugated paper box has many advantages: its design can make it have enough strength, flexibility, and good sealing performance, which is convenient to realize the unitization of container, and is convenient for empty box storage; the surface of the corrugated box is smooth, the printing is beautiful, and the logo is obvious. It is convenient to convey information; its volume and weight are smaller than wooden boxes, which is conducive to saving freight; cardboard boxes consume less resources than wooden boxes, and their price is naturally lower than wooden boxes. After recycling, it can save resources. Of course, corrugated boxes also have some shortcomings, mainly due to their insufficient compressive strength and poor waterproof performance. These two defects will affect the basic function of corrugated boxes-the realization of the function of protecting goods.
2. Wooden box. Wooden box is a traditional packaging container, although in many cases it has been gradually replaced by corrugated box, but compared with corrugated box, wooden box still has its advantages and irreplaceability in some aspects. At this stage, wooden boxes are still more suitable for the current situation of my country's packaging production and commodity circulation, so wooden boxes still occupy a place in the entire transportation packaging container.
Common wooden crates include wooden crates, frame crates and frame crates. Wooden crates are generally used for small transportation and packaging containers, which can load a variety of items with different properties, and have greater compressive strength, but the box is heavier and poorer in water resistance; the frame box is made of wood and man-made boards. The finished box frame board is then assembled by nailing; the frame box is made up of wooden strips of a certain section to form the frame of the box body, and then the frame is covered with wooden boards as needed.
3. Tray assembly packaging. Pallet packaging is a form of packaging that gathers several pieces of goods together and stacks them on a carrying pallet to form a large piece of goods. Pallet packaging is a form of packaging produced to adapt to the mechanization of loading, unloading and handling operations. Pallet assembly packaging is an important type of assembly packaging. It is different from ordinary transportation packaging in that it has high handling activity and can be moved into motion at any time, turning static goods into dynamic goods. Pallet assembly packaging is not only a packaging method, but also a means of transportation, as well as a packaging container. From the point of view of the collection of small packaging units, it is a packaging method; but from the perspective of being suitable for transportation, it is also a means of transportation; from the perspective of its protective function for goods, it is also a packaging container .
4. Container (Container). The container is a large packing box with good airtightness. The use of containers can realize the most advanced transportation method, that is, "door to door" transportation. The container is a large-scale assembly packaging, which has the characteristics of not only a means of transportation, but also a packaging method and packaging container. In adapting to modern logistics, it is more superior than pallet packaging. The term container does not include vehicles and general packaging. From the perspective of being a transport equipment, it should meet the following requirements:
5. Plastic turnover box. Plastic turnover box is a kind of transportation packaging equipment suitable for short-distance transportation and long-term reuse. At the same time, it is an open transportation package that does not need to be tied up and users do not need to open the package. Turnover boxes can be used for all products linked to factory direct sales and fast in and out, such as beverages, meat, soy products, milk, pastries, eggs and other foods.

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