What are the two structures of square paper tubes used in packaging materials


Square paper tubes are used in packaging materials in t […]

Square paper tubes are used in packaging materials in two structures:


(1) Products within a certain specification range can be directly packaged with square paper tube raw materials, and both ends are packaged with the same material or blister products as lids. The packaging advantages of this material are as follows: the process and assembly process are simple, and a beautiful box can be completed in one process, which can be mass-produced; the frame structure is shockproof, strong and compressive; compared with other technical cartons, the toughness of the paper can not only protect the The product is not impacted, shock-resistant, and the high-strength frame structure protects the interior of the product from being squeezed and damaged, and the exterior will not be deformed due to extrusion with other products during transportation: such as packaging bearings, steel balls, communication equipment And other heavy products, fragile such as red wine, LED, etc.


(2) Heavy-duty box. The square paper tube is combined with plastic injection joints, the square paper tube becomes the frame structure of the large box, the joint is connected to the paper tube, and can be equipped with materials such as sheet metal, honeycomb paper, corrugated paper, etc. The installation is simple and quick, and it can be completed simultaneously with the production on site. The box body is light in weight, which can increase the number of products to be transported and reduce the transportation cost. It is especially suitable for enterprises that need to use large wooden boxes to complete the transportation. Such as large outdoor billboards, solar glass and other heavy products.

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