What are the types of paper core tube reinforcements


1. Fiberglass The density of the reinforcing material g […]

1. Fiberglass
The density of the reinforcing material glass fiber is higher than that of the organic fiber, but the density is lower than that of ordinary metals, and the density is comparable to that of aluminum. Glass fiber is a very widely used reinforcing material in fiber-reinforced composite materials. It has the characteristics of low cost, heat resistance, good chemical resistance, non-combustion, high tensile strength, impact strength paper canister and low elongation at break.


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2. Carbon fiber reinforcement
The performance of carbon fiber is very similar to that of carbon, and it has strong inertness to general acid and alkali. In the air, the temperature is high and only when the temperature is higher than 400 ℃, will the obvious oxidation process occur. In the absence of oxidative environmental conditions, carbon fiber exhibits high temperature resistance.


3. Silicon carbide fiber reinforcement
Silicon carbide fiber reinforced material has the same structural form as diamond, and has good thermal stability and thermal conductivity. Its low density, high strength and stiffness make it an attractive reinforcing material in composite materials. Even so, there is still a lot of research work to be carried out on the large-scale use of silicon carbide fiber reinforced materials. At present, compared with traditional synthetic fibers, synthetic fibers produced as commercial products have significantly improved strength and elastic modulus. The polymer raw material of aramid fiber is poly-P phenylene terephthalate, or PPT for short. The structure is as follows: Due to the excellent properties of aramid fiber, it has been used commercially in many fields.


4. Boron fiber reinforcement
Boron nitride reinforced materials are widely used in many fields such as machinery, electronics, aerospace and metallurgy because of their good insulation, thermal stability, corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and high mechanical strength at high temperatures. However, due to the complex preparation process of boron nitride reinforced materials, involving many reactions and influencing factors, its practical application is greatly limited.


5. Whiskers
With the rapid development of composite materials, especially the increasing demand for short fibers and metal matrix composite materials, whiskers appeared and were soon used in industrial production. The whiskers mainly include SiCW, Si3N}W. Aluminum whiskers, potassium sulfate whiskers, zinc oxide whiskers, and graphite whiskers.

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