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What are the ways to improve the strength of the paper tube

There are several ways to increase the strength of the paper tube?

1. The worse the straightness of the paper tube, the corresponding increase in bottom wrinkles. Straightness is a key factor affecting the wrinkle at the bottom of the paper tube. At the same time, on the premise of ensuring the straightness, adding the wall thickness of the paper tube and paper with good material can improve the compressive strength of the paper tube and reduce the bottom wrinkles.


76.5*310MM Luxury Cylinder Paper Box Wine Bottle

Industrial Use:Wine Cardboard Tube
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Brand Name:OEM Brand
Model Number:OEM
Paper Type:Kraft Paper
Printing Handling:Matt Lamination, Stamping, UV Coating
Custom Order:Accept
Feature:Recycled Materials, Eco-friendly
Product name:Luxury Cylinder Cardboard Paper Box Wine Bottle with Embossing
Usage:Wine Cardboard Tube
Shape:Cylinder Shape
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Materials:All paper


2. Control the parameters of various mechanical equipment used in the production process to be stable, and prevent mutation factors from affecting quality, which is an early guarantee for reducing product bottom wrinkles.

The quality of the paper tube has a lot to do with its strength. How to improve the strength of the paper tube is a concern of the manufacturers.

1. The selection of materials is better. The production of materials is one step, thick kraft paper should not be used, but thin paper should be used as the material to ensure the quality;

2. Choose glue. Ordinary glue is not as advantageous as imported glue. Imported glue has good compressive strength, water resistance and frost resistance;

In modern logistics, industrial paper tube is a commonly used packaging material, and its application can effectively ensure the storage of goods. .Transportation greatly improves the efficiency of industrial transportation and ensures the rapid development and effectiveness of logistics transportation. In fact, before learning to use industrial paper tubes, we should correctly choose and choose really high-quality industrial paper tubes. The use time is naturally longer than ordinary inferior industrial paper tubes. Any item will have relevant product application instructions, and the same is true for industrial paper tubes. It has detailed application occasions. The method of use should be carried out according to the instruction manual during use.