What can be packed in paper cans


Nowadays, paper can packaging can be seen everywhere, u […]

Nowadays, paper can packaging can be seen everywhere, unknowingly, paper cans have become a part of daily life, satisfying people's demand for packaging. With the development of the packaging industry, the production process of paper cans has become more mature, attracting the attention of many industries. So, what can paper cans pack? Which industries are they suitable for?
In recent years, with the mature development of paper can technology, the packaging structure of paper cans has become diversified, and its functions have become more and more humanized. It can meet the packaging needs of different industries, and attract consumers’ attention and play a better role. Marketing effect.
First of all, paper cans can be used to package food, which can be solid or liquid. Food paper cans are suitable for most foods. At present, there are many foods packaged in paper cans on the market. Common ones include candies, dried fruits, potato chips, seaweed, biscuits, coffee, chicken essence, salt, sugar, rice, milk, beverages, alcohol and so on. As food packaging, paper cans use paper as raw materials, which is not only green and environmentally friendly, but also has good sealing properties, meeting the sealing requirements of the food industry for packaging, and thereby ensuring food safety.
Paper cans can also be used to package cosmetics. For example, daily skin care products, lipsticks, perfumes, color cosmetics, etc. can all be packaged in paper cans. In the cosmetics industry, the application of cylindrical paper can packaging breaks the traditional packaging form of square and rectangular cartons, improves the grade of cosmetics, looks higher, attracts consumers' attention, and achieves better marketing effects.
In addition, paper cans can also be used for packaging of various gifts, electronic products, and children’s toys. The packaging structure of paper cans is complex, and combined with special processes such as bronzing, UV, spot color, drumming, etc., diversified packaging can be realized. As a result, there are many innovative packaging on the market, most of which are packaging in paper cans, which enhances product image and enhances product competitiveness.

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