What is a paper tube machine?


Paper tube making machine is provide to winding paper t […]

Paper tube making machine is provide to winding paper tubes products by multiblade electronic cutting system. Paper tube machine has servo control system so that machinery production speed is reached 30 meters in per minute. The high output of the machine is achieved using a servo drive motor for the cutting carriage.

Using a servo drive system gives very high cyclic rates as there is no longer any target to obstruct the core.

This offers the benefits of :

Simple changes to the parent tube length

High cycling rates with smooth running

Multi Blade cutting system

Accurate tube length at all speeds because with the servo system there is almost no length variation over the full speed range.China tube packaging suppliers

Paper tube machine encoder measures the speed of the inside ply,the operator enters,on a keypad,the core inside diameter and the width of the inside ply,this synchronises the cutting unit to the core speed.simply enter the required cut length and the servo system will cut accurately to this over the full speed range.The cut length can be modified instantly whilst running at any speed.Each knife fitted on the cutter beam has a fine adjustment for the cutting length and penatration.The cutting section is safely enclosed by interlocked guards.

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