What is suitable for the tea packaging box?


Tea bai packaging box refers to the packaging of tea ac […]

Tea bai packaging box refers to the packaging of tea according to customer needs to promote the sales of tea products. A good tea packaging box can increase the value of tea several times, and tea packaging boxes are already an important product component of the Chinese tea industry.
Chinese tea has a long history, and tea tasting has become an indispensable part of Chinese people's daily life. There are six major tea series in China: green tea (represented by Huangshan Maofeng Liuan melon slice Hangzhou West Lake Longjing tea Suzhou Dongting Mountain Biluochunduyun Maojian Xinyang Maojian), yellow tea (represented by Huoshan Huangya and Meng'er silver needle), White tea (represented by Baihao Yinzhen and white peony), green tea (represented by Anxi Tieguanyin, Wuyishan Dahongpao, Dongding Oolong tea), black tea (represented by Qimen black tea Tanyang Kungfu black tea), black teaUnique Design Loose Leaf Tea Container Paper Box (represented by Liu Bao tea, Pu'er tea, Qujiang flakes are representative).

Tea is a kind of dry product, which can easily absorb moisture and cause qualitative changes. It has strong absorption of moisture and peculiar smell, and its aroma is very volatile. When tea leaves are stored improperly, under the action of factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light, oxygen, etc., it will cause adverse biochemical reactions and microbial activities, which will lead to changes in the quality of tea. Therefore, when storing, what container and method should be used , All have certain requirements. Therefore, tea cans came into being.
Product style
Tea packaging mainly includes tin tea cans, tinplate tea cans, ceramic tea cans, glass tea cans, paper tea cans, etc. Tinplate tea cans are popular with the public due to their diverse styles, exquisite printing, not easy to break, and convenient shipping.
Due to factors such as price and production process, most of the iron tea cans widely used in the market today are popular with the public because of their exquisite printing and novel styles.
method of packing
As a special kind of commodity, the packaging of tea is different from the packaging of other general commodities due to its own and objective conditions. Nowadays, the commonly used tea packaging methods mainly include the following.
2.1 Metal can packaging
The metal can packaging has excellent anti-breakage, moisture-proof and sealing properties, making it an ideal packaging for tea. Metal cans are generally made of tin-plated thin steel plates. The cans are in square and cylindrical shapes. The lids can be single-layered and double-layered. In terms of sealing, there are two types: general cans and sealed cans. In terms of packaging technology, generally cans can be sealed with deoxidizer packaging to remove oxygen in the packaging. Sealed tanks are mostly inflated and vacuum packed. The protection of metal cans to tea leaves is better than that of composite films, and the appearance is beautiful and noble. Its disadvantages are the high packaging cost and the high weight ratio of packaging to commodities, which increases transportation costs. The exquisitely designed metal can is suitable for the packaging of high-end tea.
2.2 Carton packaging
The carton is formed by printing on white paper, grey board paper, etc. The carton packaging prevents easy breakage and has excellent shading performance. In order to solve the volatilization of the aroma of tea packaged in cartons and to avoid the influence of external odors, polyethylene plastic bags are generally used to pack the tea and then into cartons. The disadvantage of carton packaging is that it is easy to be damp. Nowadays, paper-plastic composite packaging boxes have appeared in the past few years, which overcomes the problem of dampness of the carton. This kind of packaging material is made of cardboard with an inner layer of plastic film or a moisture-proof coating. The packaging box not only has the function of composite film bag packaging, but also has the protective and rigid properties of carton packaging. If a plastic bag is used as a small packaging bag inside, the protection effect is better.
2.3 Plastic molding container packaging
Polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other plastic molded containers are generous, beautiful, and have good packaging and display effects, but their sealing performance is poor. They are mostly used as outer packaging in tea packaging, and composite film plastic bags are used in the packaging. Package.
2.4 Composite film bag packaging
Plastic composite film has many advantages such as light weight, not easy to break, good heat sealability, and reasonable price, and it is widely used in packaging. There are many kinds of composite films used for tea packaging, such as moisture-proof cellophane/polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, biaxially stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyethylene/polyvinylidene chloride/polyethylene, etc. The composite film has excellent gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, fragrance retention, and odor resistance. Since most plastic films have a light transmittance of 80% to 90%, in order to reduce the transmittance, UV suppression can be added to the packaging material or printing or coloring can be used to reduce the light transmittance. In addition, composite materials based on aluminum foil or vacuum aluminized film can be used for light-shielding packaging. There are various packaging forms of composite film bags, including three-sided sealing, self-supporting bag, and folding. Because the composite film bag has good printability, using it as a sales packaging design has a unique effect on attracting customers and promoting tea sales.
2.5 Paper bag packaging
Also known as tea bags, this is a kind of bag packaging with thin filter paper as the village material, and the paper bag is put into the tea set when used. The purpose of packaging with filter paper bags is mainly to increase the extraction rate, and also to make full use of the tea powder in the tea factory. Because teabags have the advantages of fast brewing, clean and hygienic, standard dosage, can be mixed for drinking, convenient for slagging, easy to carry, etc., they adapt to the fast-paced life needs of modern people and are very popular in the international market. Early teabags generally had a bag line to meet the convenience of multiple steeping. Due to environmental protection requirements, teabags without a bag line are becoming popular nowadays.
2.6 Tin box packaging
Nowadays, people also use iron boxes to store tea, which will prevent the tea from getting damp under certain conditions. It is also a popular tea box.

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