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Chinese dynasties makeup
The history of Chinese makeup culture can be described as a long time. The ancients were known to use "stop water to apprehend water, bathe under running water" and wear shells and animal teeth to decorate the neck. "From the morning to Jing Huan, Xiao Zhuang points her lips." Tang Zhuqing ’s poem said: "Make-up and ask your husband-in-law in a low voice, and the depth of the eyebrows is dark."Makeup Box Cosmetic
Mirror sorrow culture is a pair of inborn twin sisters, and it is also an important connotation of the makeup sacred culture. Mirror sorrel, commonly known as the dressing box, was also called the hairdresser in the old Ningshao area. If you want to explore the makeup culture, it can be traced back to the Neolithic Age before the Yin Shang. In 1924, a bronze mirror unearthed more than 4,000 years ago in Qijiaping, Gansu, was the earliest appraisal container in China. At the Wenkou site, a convoluted ivory comb was found to be five thousand years old.

During the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, the lacquer ware production was quite good, and it was even more perfect in the Han Dynasty. The Han dynasty nine sons lacquer lacquer unearthed in Hanjiang, Jiangsu, black outside and red inside, there are three gilt copper hoops around each week, covered with copper skin flat persimmon pedicle pattern, inner silk fabric wrapped iron mirror, nine child small boxes, divided Tibetan combs, copper brushes, brushes, rouge, jewelry and other supplies are exquisite, which fully embodies the ancient artisans' understanding of makeup and culture and their excellent design skills.
The ancient copper ceremonial pottery priests are mostly cylindrical, straight-walled, and have a Boshan-style lid. Generally, the belly is deep, with three legs at the bottom, and earrings beside the animal. It is popular in Qin and Han Dynasties. In fact, the ancient Tongxi pottery is not only a dressing utensil, but also a container for storing fine wine and food, which makes the contemporary people seem unbelievable.
Gu Xi gradually evolved after the Jin and Tang Dynasties. In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Gu Kaizhi painted two ladies who are dressing up in the "Pictures of Women's History". In addition to the four Si boxes, there is a frame similar to a wax table , The copper mirror is hung on the top of the rack.
Many years ago, the mural of Zheng Song Song's tomb in Henan was found to contain a mirror platform. Song "Wei Wu Sundries" stated in Song: "The Great One of the Mirrors, the Mirror Platform is out of the Wei Palace". Such as beautiful flowers, dancing and smiling mirrors. "In a sentence, it can be seen that mirrors were very common in Song Dynasty.
In 1977, Wu Jin unearthed a lacquered lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer lacquer from the Southern Song Dynasty. The figure clothing and garden layout on the lacquer box became important materials for experts to study the customs and history of the Southern Song Dynasty. Coincidentally, a sterling silver frame made by the late Wu King Zhang Shicheng for his mother Cao Taifei was also found outside the Suzhou Panmen, not far from it. The frame was full of chiseled dragon whiskers, phoenix wings, bird feathers, rabbits and flowers. The leaf veins are as thin as hair and full of fineness. They can be called awe-inspiring and have become the treasure of the Suzhou Museum.
Jingxi has a variety of models derived from the interpretation of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, including mirror stands, mirror frames, mirror boxes, mirror bags, official leather suitcases, etc. Its fine workmanship and excellent materials are unprecedented. Carved and inlaid with copper and jade, exquisite and lovely, very artistic and ornamental, it has become an all-day companion for women in the Ming and Qing women ’s boudoirs, and some are even made of precious wood such as rosewood, yellow flower pears, and a tall height is displayed in the concubine ’s bedroom of the Forbidden City. The ground-relief ivory mirror box of about 40 × 30 cm can be imagined as its raw material, which must be a giant ivory that is several meters long, which is breathtaking.
When it comes to official suitcases, most people think that they are used in official houses. In fact, official suitcases are not official or leather, but there are two doors in front of a half-height, there are several drawers inside, and there are empty lids on them. Wooden dresser with bronze mirror bracket.

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