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What is the production process of the packaging box

1. Plate making
Plate making is very important, because this process directly affects the integrity of the product, and the current process has also been greatly improved. Most manufacturers are using digital machines to make plates, which generally require printing, development, repair, and gifts. The box pays attention to the novel and bright appearance, so the layout colors of the packaging box are also varied. Usually, a gift box style not only has four basic colors, but also several point colors, such as gold, silver, etc.

2. Select paper
The gift box of the paper tube box is generally covered with gray cardboard paper and covered with colored paper or special paper. The colored paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper. Some are 80g, 105g, 128g, 157g. These paper weights are commonly used. The colored paper on the color box is rarely more than 200 grams, because the colored paper is too thick to fit on the gift box, so it is easy to foam and look stiff. Of course, it also depends on what the product is, design the outer packaging according to the product, then choose the paper and technology.

3. Printing process
Packaging boxes are mostly made of printed paper. The gift box is the outer box. They focus on printing technology. The most taboo color difference, ink spots, and bad boards will affect the appearance.

4. Surface treatment of colored paper
The colored paper on the surface of the gift box should be treated on the surface of the gift box. Common ones are glossy glue, ultra-quiet glue, ultra-polished UV, oil, super hard oil, gold plating, etc.

5. Beer
Beer is a very important link in printing technology. Must be very accurate so as not to interfere with subsequent work. The key is to make a knife mold. The knife mold is also very important, because if the knife mold does not allow design files, it will also have a great impact on the finished product, so it is best to hand the printed product to the knife mold master when making the knife mold.

6. Laminating process
Usually, the print is filled first, then the beer is formed, but the only way to make a gift box is to fill the beer first, then paint the colored paper (face paper): 1) Fear of making colored paper. 2) The gift box pays attention to the overall appearance, and the colored paper outside the box looks exquisitely handmade.

7. The last process
If the buttons and holes are required, if the boxes are not used, they are all done at assembly time. Do the final surface cleaning (wipe the glue off the surface). Then we can pack and deliver. This is the process of making the box.