What is the raw material of the carton factory?


The raw material of the carton is cardboard. Carton box […]

The raw material of the carton is cardboard.

Carton boxes are the most widely used packaging products. According to the different materials, there are corrugated boxes, single-layer cardboard boxes, etc., there are various specifications and models. Cardboard boxes are commonly used in three layers, five layers, seven layers are less used, each layer is divided into lining paper, corrugated paper, core paper, face paper, inside and face paper are teaboard paper, kraft paper, corrugated paper for core paper, The color and feel are different, and the paper (color, feel) produced by different manufacturers is also different.

The raw material of the carton is cardboard, and the raw material of the cardboard is raw paper. The raw paper is divided into five kinds of paper: K, A, B, C, and 3 papers. The best is K paper and the worst is 3 paper. K paper is also the thickest, and 3 paper is the thinnest. K, A, B, and C papers can be used as top paper and backing paper. 3 papers are mostly used as pit paper or backing paper. The texture of the top paper is usually better than or equal to the backing paper. It is A = A, A = B, A = C, etc., but not A = K.China Coin Bank packaging manufacturers

Another type of paper is called W paper, also called white paper, which is close to A paper in thickness and is generally used as a face paper. Ordinary items can usually be packed in outer boxes. Some small items and high-value items should be packed in the inner box first, and the outer box should be wrapped in the outer box, and the outermost box should be packed in the outer box.

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