What is the relationship between the square paper tube industry and environmental protection


As the application of paper tubes is becoming more and […]

As the application of paper tubes is becoming more and more extensive, the output of paper tube is also rising. Paper tube manufacturers continue to improve science and technology in the process of production and production, and the functions of paper tubes are reflected in the continuous development and innovation.Linyi paper tube has antiseptic properties during use, which can make the packaged products have a longer storage period; antibacterial properties, made of natural pulp, can prevent bacterial invasion.

Suitable for the packaging of medical equipment; anti-oxidation, can It can well protect calligraphy, paintings and books, and is not afraid of being corroded by external acid; deodorant, using a multi-space design method, can be well ventilated; noise reduction, using low-density materials such as non-toxic asbestos fibers, which can absorb sound effects well , isolating thermal energy.

In addition to these basic properties of the above-mentioned paper tubes, the recycling of paper tubes has attracted more and more attention. The recycling of paper tubes can temporarily solve the problem of resource shortage, reduce the loss of raw materials, reduce production costs, and reduce environmental pollution.

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