What kind of packaging do you use to pack wine? Bag or box?


I often buy wine in “bag in box” directly at the wine m […]

I often buy wine in “bag in box” directly at the wine maker. They fill the bag in box on the spot. It is exactly the same wine they sell in bottles (not aged wines of course). The bag in box has its tap and keeps the wine protected from oxidation for a couple of weeks once opened. It’s more than enough, and a lot cheaper. The inner bags cannot be reused, but the outer boxes can. I bring my used boxes when I buy at the cellar: I pay the wine and the inner bags, but the cost of the carton is discounted.

Bags alone are not used: too easy to puncture them during transport and storage.Cylindrical Custom Wine Packaging Boxes

Carton boxes (like Tetrapack) are a common package for low quality, cheap wines, and can be found at any grocery shop. Given the cost and the high throughput of the boxing machinery, those are only used at industrial plants.

In general, anything different than standard bottles is fine for young wines (one to years maximum) that are to be drunk within a short time from purchase.

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