What kind of paper is the chocolate covered?


The main function of tin foil or aluminum foil packagin […]

The main function of tin foil or aluminum foil packaging chocolate is to seal, prevent moisture, and protect from light, as well as a certain heat preservation effect.
Generally speaking, chocolate dao force is best to eat immediately after buying it. If it is really to be stored, it is best to store it in a place with a temperature of 12 to 18 degrees, and avoid light, water and peculiar smell. Under such conditions, the oil crystals in the chocolate Fancy Golden Chocolate Chocolate Gift Boxcan remain stable, the product is firm and brittle, and the appearance maintains a bright color.


The storage time is generally more than 4 weeks, and high-quality dark chocolate can be stored for longer than milk chocolate and white chocolate. The shelf life of factory-produced chocolate is usually about 1 year, and those handmade fresh chocolate desserts are best eaten as soon as possible. Although chocolate is not prone to spoilage, when the temperature reaches 20 degrees Celsius, the components of the cocoa butter inside will melt and begin to separate. Re-freezing will condense a white frosty substance on the surface, affecting the flavor. Therefore, chocolate is usually wrapped in tin foil and stored in the refrigerator. Secondly, the environment should be kept dry, with a maximum relative humidity of 65%.

The moisture in the air has a great influence on the quality of chocolate, especially the storage time is long. Chocolate products that have not reached the seal are prone to so-called frosting, and even deteriorate after absorbing moisture. Winter is the best season for tasting chocolate. If the atmospheric temperature is lower than 20 degrees Celsius, just store it in a cool and ventilated place. When the temperature is high in summer, put it in the lower level of the refrigerator, not in the freezer. In addition, when you just take out the chocolate from the refrigerator, do not open it immediately. Let it basically warm to room temperature before opening, so that the outer layer of the chocolate will not condense water mist and affect the appearance and taste.

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